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Training & Development

Submission of:

  • WSP (Workplace Skills Programme)
  • ATR (Annual Training Report)

Facilitation and Assessment of training needs through line managers.

Compilation of Training Work Programme (TWP) proposal.

Employment Equity and BEE

Setting up of an Employment Equity Committee

Assistance with BEE implementation planning

Devising BEE strategy

Submission of annual Employment Equity figures.

We provide full guidance and assistance for BEE accreditation.


Policy Development & Documentation

Development and review of employment policies and procedures in line with BCEA.

Documenting policies formally and communication of these policies to all staff.

Ensuring that annual reviews are done so that documents remain relevant.

HR Audits

We evaluate the integrity of your HR data.

We ensure that all required and relevant Labour Dept requirements are satisfied.

We produce salary reports, and monthly management reports.

Industrial Relations

We co-ordinate and chair employee Disciplinary hearings.

We do CCMA representations.

Employment Contracts

We draw up employment contracts for any positions.

We monitor and manage Fixed Term Contracts.

Corporate Wellness

We develop and manage your corporate wellness programme.

We setup and coordinate your wellness days.

Reward and Incentives

We develop and implement suitable programmes to incentivise, motivate and reward your staff.


We’ll handle your Company’s payroll function, including and perform IRP5 recons.

We also do salary surveys and perform benchmarking of salaries.


We execute the entire life cycle of recruitment, and develop Onboarding Programmes.

This applies to industry-specific Permanent and Fixed Term Contract staffing.


We perform a range of governance related activities, including:

  • Business registration services
  • VAT, UIF, Workmans Comp, PAYE returns.
We provide a full corporate legal service.

Corporate Branding

We’ll take care of your corporate branding and image requirements, such as:

  • Printing
  • Business cards
  • Promotional items
  • Corporate clothing
  • Displays and Banners
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